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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This website has a free descriptive Emotional Freedom Technique manual you can download. EFT is a psychological acupressure technique to optimize your emotional health and promote physical healing.  It is great to use in addition to my bioenergetic evaluation and remedies.

Dr. Mercola

When you click on this link you are asked to subscribe to Mercola's free newsletter.  These are wonderful, informative newsletters you receive each day by email.  They do not sell your address. The newsletter will keep you informed on your journey to better health the natural way. This website also has good information on the EFT method of emotional healing. I believe that the products sold on this website are high quality. I carry some in my office along with my other professional products. 

Hypnotherapy &
Young Essential Oils

This link will explain about the value of hypnotherapy and the healing powers of Young essential oils.

Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Arta Vakhshoori is a holistic dentist in San Jose, CA.  I highly recommend seeing her especially if you want to have amalgams removed.


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